Fire and Flames by Geronimo + Winter additions

Our distro finally got hold of copies of Fire and Flames by Geronimo, a history of the German autonomist movement, printed by PM Press, with a small introduction by George Katsiaficas, author of The Subversion of Politics, and a short afterword by Gabriel Kuhn which adds to the contemporary story. We’ve been looking forward to reading this since we first heard about the translation in process- that was five years ago, during the anti-G8 days in Germany, and we awaited with anticipation its publication (it was first published in 1990). The edition is the first in English, and contains a new preface from Geronimo, and a glossary to help the reader.

The actual book is obviously written by an involved militant, and it is penned in an really approachable way, and covers the time period 1968 – late ’89 with an insightful commentary, and clear explanations of the various goings-on without marxian-leftist waffle and academic gabbling. Cold War politics, Squatting struggles, Black Blocs, RAF, RZ, Anti-Nuclear, Spontis, K-Groups… find out about it all in this decent book.

Pity about its relatively high RR price (£14.99, 185 pages).

PM Press also publish a massive book with a £20+ recommended price about the Red Army Faction -RAF (The Red Army Faction: A Documentary History). First in a two-part series, the book compiles all the RAF communiques and associated documents, its a valuable addition to critical thinking and action whatever your (anti-)politics are.

Winter additions

Well, in the cold stormy weather we’ve been arguing amongst ourselves and deciding what to work on for our new publications; first up should be the anti-technology fable The Machine Stops by E.M Forster and then next will be a new short collection about the Earth Liberation Front, based around the history of the Green Scare case that was serialized in Tides of Flame, an anarchist zine coming out of Seattle. The FBI hit the environmental movement hard in 2005 when the ELF had rose to glory, naming it the #1 domestic terror threat and infiltrating the scene. Avalon, a dignified eco-insurrectionary was suicided, surrounded by snitches and grasses, and many decent ones went to jail. Now years after the repression, eco-prisoners find themselves coming slowly back on to the streets. The decent comrades there largely had to face this alone against highly developed state-terrorism, and an Atlantic gulf that for too long has impeded the struggle. We’ll publish this contribution to aid the development of the Earth Liberation Front, and give solidarity to the remaining activists in prison.

Most of our further titles for re-print are out-of-print books about subjects such as Self-Defence, Tactical Studies and Sabotage; these new titles coming in after the new year to be posted soon(ish). Another of our new publications (that is is not a re-print) will be a collection of new green anarchist/anti-civilisation articles with a nihilist perspective. This publication is without a title right now and will feature texts by various radical eco-activists, anarchist-insurrectionalists, etc.

New distro additions are coming in the form of Novatore, translated by Apio Ludd, a collection of Renzo Novatore, an epic Individualist-Anarchist-Nihilist writer and militant in Italy who is constantly being quoted by insurrectionary anarchist groups in their action communiques; Freedom: My Dream by Enrico Arrigoni, which we were lucky enough to get a copy of a few months back- its an anarchist autobiography which is just incredible and has to be read to be believed! From the First World War in Europe to the ’36 Civil War of Spain, then America, Cuba and more thrown in for good measure… anarchists live interesting lives!

This Black Xmas we remember Marco Camenisch, Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Elisa de Bernado, Stefano Fosco and others locked up by Operation Ardire in Italy, on hungerstrike.

Black Nativity – Cago en Dios!

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Coming soon…

Verde is a publishing project of a few friends who want to circulate radical books that we’ve been inspired by. It’s all not-for-profit and non-commercial in nature. We don’t imagine that we’re ever going to be a big publisher, even in anarchist standards, but we’re looking forward to printing and distributing. We have a few plans for our own book releases that we’re working on, as well as our pamphlets. Most of the books we carry are cheaper and easier to order online direct from the publisher, but this project, as we’ve already stated, isn’t about economics, it’s about developing affinity and exchange, through producing critical reading material and spreading it around where it is rare. Find our stuff in occupied spaces and from ourselves!

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New books from Elephant Editions

We have three new books from Elephant Editions.

The end of Anarchism? – Luigi Galleani

“Galleani doesn’t talk about the totality of the struggle, something in movement, that grows to infinity, destroying limits and domestication in this little book, but he talks about an essential component of the latter that must already exist now, in our utopian vision and projectual reality.” Jean Weir

Adios Prision – Juan Jose Garfia

This a collection of prison escape stories, told with warm humour from lives lived in intolerable circumstances. Pulling no punches, these are real tales from the prisons and FIES isolation units of Spain. This book is great and hard to put down without finishing it in one go.

Incognito – Anon

Another collection of stories, this time they are all anonymous and written by people who are either on the run, underground or without identity papers… A really startling book and very easy to read.

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Welcome to Verde

Announcing our new little UK distro for radical books and magazines that interest us.

Contact us for prices and postage: verdedistro [ at ] riseup [ dot ] net

Enemies of Society: An Anthology of Individualist and Egoist Thought – Ardent Press
Revolutionary Letters – Diane di Prima
Uncivilized: (The best of Green Anarchy)
The Sovereign Self: Towards a Life Ungoverned, Uncontrolled for the Full Expression of the Creative Self – Glenn Crespo (Editor)
My Own: Self-Ownership and Self-Creation Against All Authority – Appio Ludd (Editor)
Sun Still Rises: A proposal from the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) – Dark Matter Publications
Reclaim Your Mind Manifesto – Dark Matter Publications
Off the Leash: Collection of Individualist, Egoist and Nihilist Thought – Dark Matter Publications
Origin of the 1%: The Bronze Age – John Zerzan/Left Bank Books
Fear of Dying – Wolfi Landstreicher, Intellectual Vagabond Editions
The Nihilist Dictionary – John Zerzan
Beyond Amnesty: Self-Violence and the State in UK – Anonymous
Destroying Civilisation, Destroying Nature – Wolfi Landstreicher
325 Issues 9 & 10: Insurgent Zine of Social War and Anarchy
From Riot to Insurrection – Alfredo M. Bonnano, Elephant Editions
Errico Malatesta and Revolutionary Violence – Alfredo M. Bonnano, Elephant Editions
Progress and Nuclear Power: The Destruction of the Continent and its Peoples – Fredy Perlman, Black Powder Press
Dark Night: Anti-Prison International Newsletter – Current Issues
Insurrectionary Anarchism in Mexico 2011 – Conspiracion Accrata

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Site under construction

Coming soon…

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